Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Finally, it is raining outside. The trees are leafing out and seem so much greener now that the rain has come. I guess it could be just my imagination, but those buds really seem greener, like they are wearing a wide grin at the feeling of the raindrops on their stems and branches...

All is quiet except for the hum of the rain. No birds chirping, no frogs singing; no butterflies either. It's like they are all sitting somewhere, listening, enraptured, to the symphony of rain.

It seems like I should be adding fertilizer to the that's food for thought.

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Exumabound said...

Hi Valerie - I found your blog on FB - I blog too - I don't think anyone reads it {mine} but it is a nice way to journal and I like to post photos on it, anyway -great blog set up - I wish we would have more rain.